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As house music matures, it is truly and indelibly becoming an international phenomenon. Born out of warehouses in Chicago and New York, then cultivated in the clubs of London and Europe, house music culture has spread around the world with a determined influence. Thus the time has come for an important house music scene to spring out of India, led by a striking young talent named Hamza and his exceptional Wind Horse Records label.

Wind Horse Records was formed in New Delhi in August 2009, earning the distinction of India's first house music label. Wind Horse was devised by prominent Indian DJ and producer Hamza who was soon joined by fellow music maker Vipul Angirish. The two have dominated the label's artist roster so far with impressive releases that seamlessly meld house music rhythms, traditional instrumentation from Indian and other world musics, and admirably high production standards. Many of Wind Horse's releases feature Hamza and Vipul collaborating with important talent such as Harmonic Choir founder David Hykes, well known Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi, and Yungchen Lhamo, a Tibetan singer who has recorded for Peter Gabriel's Real World imprint. In fact, collaboration and the merging of tradition with contemporary dance music can be seen as Wind Horse's mission, and yields exciting and unique results. 

Wind Horse's future includes increased interaction with musicians from 'the west,' as the label includes renowned remixers and artists from the electronic music world. Wind Horse's next step includes remixers such as Tom Middleton, Michael Mayer, Ricky Ryan, and Kosmas Epsilon tackling its exotic sound. The label also will continue to showcase the music of its region's up-and-coming producers, including new discoveries Kartech, from New Delhi.

The label's primary focus remains to expose the pool of talent from India and 'the east' to global dance music citizens. Wind Horse has been largely successful thus far, earning accolades from fans like Riva Starr, Dubfire, Peter Kruder, Roger Sanchez, John Digweed, Lauren Garnier, and Sander Klienenberg. Wind Horse's reach looks to continue to expand as Hamza and Vipul Angirish increasingly play gigs and festivals around the world. Wind Horse is also forming a live 'sound system' act which includes Hamza, Indian percussionist Latif Khan, Latin percussionist Manu Idhra, and a promising mix of dancers, visual artists, and globally based guest musicians. Wind Horse will also be exposing its sound to the world through the WHR Podcast Series, featuring two mixes each month from Wind Horse DJs and friends of the label.

The Wind Horse style and concept has worldwide reach, blasting its international vibe out of club systems and home stereos in nearby as well as far-flung cities. With its ambitious plans the label is sure to increase its profile, delighting house music heads, world music aficionados, and lovers of exotic electronic music with an abundance of top notch releases. Keep and eye and an ear on Wind Horse Records and its tight knit family of artists … exciting and surprising things are soon to come.

The Hepcats


Taking the best pop, roots, swing & dance and you get an act focused on one thing. Great pop music. In the words of Hepcats 'we want to give you a lickle sunshine. Be good to yourself and let good times pour over you and your neighborhood'. Get involved in the world of Hepcats and be a part of one of the most exciting new acts around.



And so it came to pass that a bizarre collection of international musicians formed a band called Subsource in the unlikeliest of suburban towns - Guildford. Lead vocalist and electric double bass player Stu Henshall. African superstar rapper Kimba Mutanda. Guitar and synths pouter Paul Frazer. The classically trained Dennis Ng on keyboards and percussion. And the intricate yet ear splitting drummer Neil Shervell. Within live music circles, Subsource are well known for their successful and highly improvised live shows cementing the band as the live electro/breaks/d'n'b band. Subsource have have wowed festival crowds at festivals across the UK & Europe including V, Isle of Wight, Secret Garden Party, Electric Picnic. Having remixed tunes for Datarock, Parka and GoodBooks, played with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Hexstatic, The Egg and Ebony Bones and with lead track 'Disarm' used on Sky Sports. Subsource have just released their debut album 'Tales From The Doombox'.

Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace

From France, Caravan Palace bring you the improbably futuristic Charleston. Caravan Palace is to swing what the Gotan Project is to tango. With a platinum debut album, a sell out national tour playing to over 200,000 people, a nomination for Victoires de la Musique 2009 and multiple European festivals slots under their belts, The last year has been quite incredible for a quite incredible band.

"It all started with a double bass player, a guitarist and a violinist; all highly talented musicians who are really into swing, Django addicts who enjoy tinkering with electro. Their project attracted a singer, a clarinettist, a trombonist who doubles up on percussion and a guitarist who also acts as DJ. With their "Zazou" look (inspired by Parisian paleo-punks from the 1940s), they serve up festive, frantic music, an improbable futuristic and melodious Charleston fit for the dance floor.

Devil's Gun

Devils Gun

Late in 2007 producers James and Olly, and Vocalist Jagga got together in their East London studio intent on creating an individual sound nasty enough to irregulate heartbeats and perforate eardrums on dance-floors the world over. The result was Devil's Gun. Sounding like a twisted amalgamation of Daft Punk, The Prodigy and Basement Jaxx, their sleazy, hard-hitting productions perfectly blend breaks, electro, house and synth-rock, with lyrical hooks and melodies that enter your brain and simply don't leave.

'The hottest thing to come out of London since Dizzee Rascal' - Mixmag
'This is bitingly Catchy Stuff' - Metro
'...pairs the energy and style of Basement Jaxx, but with a broader musical pallette' - Music Week

The New Devices

The New Devices

A London squat party is not a party unless you forget almost everything that occurs. As it happens when two like minded musicians, Guz and Justin randomly met at a party in notorious east London, apart from a lengthy argument about music and the promise of meeting up with clearer minds, little can be remembered... Immediately, hanging out together turned into mini adventures around the bars of Camden, Hoxton and Soho. Ideas were developed and the motley pair turned motley duo - The New Devices.

The New Devices write songs about debauched nights, mischief and sometimes the regrettable mornings after. Listening to them, you can clearly hear the dance influences and the energetic beats driving the songs, but there's additionally a wide rock'n'roll soundscape offering the big catchy choruses that could fill football terraces. The live performance cements The New Devices sound, using live instruments and Justin as the killer frontman.



As a teenager who couldn't really play the guitar, Jont rode a Greyhound bus across America, interviewing 20 of America's most famous poets. After his return to the UK, he started hosting the now legendary monthly event "UNLIT" a hybrid of party/gig and celebration of music and openness for strangers & friends alike. An incredibly talented UK singer songwriter who writes timeless, quality music, Jont is an artist to treasure. Jonts new album, the new more upbeat, rocking - "Set It Free" - is the sound of an artist who has genuinely found his voice.

Jonts new album, the new more upbeat, rocking - "Set It Free"" - is the sound of an artist who has genuinely found their voice.
"achingly lovely melodies - ****" - Uncut
"rather marvelously like Bowie in his happier moments" - Artrocker
"Marvelously tender and beautifully understated" - virginmedia.com


The Curious Collective

Fresh, young, dynamic, entertaining, soulful, energetic and 100% live, the internationally acclaimed rare collective brings together the best live musicians from the music world to form the hottest live corporate & function band in the UK. The band performs at private and public events from corporate events and weddings, to live parties and charity events in the UK and across the world. Renowned for their professionalism, high quality and amazing live shows, The Rare Collective brings the highest standard of excellence and will deliver a performance that will not be forgotten.



O'Spada are a five piece who formed in Stockholm in 2006 whose sound is a melting pot of soul, funk, hip hop, rock and pop resulting in something that is not only original and unique but insanely catchy and extremely danceable.

Their reputation has grown in epic proportions and they've captivated audiences and won fans around the world with their unique brand of vintage pop after the single 'time' was leaked into the bloggersphere. Annie Mac, Guardian, Sunday Times Culture and Fader soon became fans. The band have not only caused a stir in the UK and their native Sweden but also internationally. Prepare for world domination O'Spada style!


Pony Pony Run Run

The gaellic 3-piece have had a tremendous past 12 months. This included supporting Katy Perry in Scotland, sell out tours in france and now a win at French Music award for best newcomer (kind of like The Brits). The infectiously catchy debut single 'Hey You' was released last September with it storming straight into the Hype Machine Top 10 as well as gaining glowing reviews.

In their native France the band are blowing up bigtime. They've sold out 3,000 capacity venues as well as tours with Simple Minds, Calvin Harris and La Roux. PPRR are brothers Gaetan and Amael and friend Antonin, a 3-piece from Nantes France. Their sound is a perfect slice of genre-bending nuclear power pop with beautifully written lyrics and buzzy synths that only the French do that well. Ultimately PPRR play dance music for people who love their pop, and they're not afraid to say it.


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Hailing from New Delhi, Hamza has attained a reputation as a pioneer of the house scene in India and one of the more innovative and exciting up-and-coming producers today. Hamza's diverse international sound is influenced from his strong musical background as well as growing up in India and traveling the world, living in Paris, Boston, and New York. Exposure to renowned house DJs such as Terry Francis, Dave Mothersole, DJ Heather, and Danny Teneglia inspired Hamza to create his own electronic dance productions. Soon he found a unique style of house music combining deep, tribal, and funky sounds with strong world music influences.

At the age of 27 Hamza has already worked with some of the biggest names in world music. These artists include Punjabi icon Jasbir Jassi and David Hykes, the only western vocalist specializing in sacred Mongolian chants. Besides these artists, Hamza has also worked with Taz from Stereo Nation, the largest selling Indian pop fusion act ever. 

To further nourish this growing production repertoire, Hamza has set up his own label Wind Horse Records. While in New York, Hamza did his Masters in Music Business at New York University, which gave him a very strong foundation and insight into how to creatively promote his own music. Wind Horse Records, the first Indian house music label, is a major part of that vision. Hamza has recently launched the label with his own Sufi Soul EP, containing three original world music influenced house music jewels. The Sufi Soul EP's vibrant, tribal sound earned the notice and accolades of many new fans including Dubfire (Deep Dish), Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister), Richie Hawtin, Quentin Harris, and Tom Findlay (Groove Armada).

Hamza is also a top notch DJ, bringing his fresh sound to dancefloors from New York to Portugal, Boston to Hyderabad, Paris to Pune. His sets typically start with his signature deep house sound, heavily influenced by Latin/Afro/World flavors, before developing into powerful tribal and deep, tech-house influenced beats perfect for the peak time. Hamza's unmistakable style, combined with many of his own productions, create memorable DJ sets that turn many clubbers into instant fans and followers.

Currently Hamza is working on expanding his base in New Delhi to include regular stays in Europe and North America to allow for global partnerships and yearly DJ tours in different parts of the world. His vision is unstoppable, as Hamza has recently formed two different live acts with two different percussionists: Jasu Khan, a famous Rajasthani percussionist, and Manu Idhra, a Portuguese master of dance music percussion. Hamza has already taken this act on the festival circuit with an acclaimed performance at the Elektron Festival in Switzerland with percussionist Latif Khan playing Morchang and Khartal. Future performances will include even more musicians as well as dancers creating a truly unique performance atmosphere.

As for Wind Horse Records, a dozen releases have appeared thus far and the label’s world-wide audience is growing considerably. An EP recorded with David Hykes has been released, as well as Hamza EPs featuring fantastic world music artists such as Yungchen Lhamo of Real World Records and female Indian classical maestro Sunanda Sharma. Wind Horse will also be including remixes from highly regarded producers from the west like Presslaboys and Amit Shoham. In addition, Hamza has started working with labels outside of Wind Horse, contributing tracks and remixes for the likes of Kompakt, Open Bar, One Thirty, and Clubstar. To help people keep up with all this musical activity Hamza has launched the WHR Podcast Series which will feature a monthly mix from the headquarters of Wind Horse Records.

Hamza has established himself as one to keep a close eye on in the house music scene. With his impressive list of past and upcoming projects as well as fiery worldwide DJ performances Hamza is quickly becoming an important and influential talent in his own right. Through Wind Horse Records and his inventive east-west fusions Hamza is working to bring the world closer to his listeners, one beat at a time.



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In a movement that may surprise some, a fresh new wave of DJs and producers are bursting forth from the burgeoning house music scene in India and making an international impact. For a country well-known for its rich culture and unique musical forms, electronic music has not been seen to make much of an impact. This is about to change with the advent of a thriving electronic dance and house scene in India's major cities. A special part of this is a new DJ/producer named Vipul.

Vipul was set on a path familiar to many Indian students, with an intended future career working in computers. Vipul attended university to study computer science but his exposure to the diverse college community led him to house music. An intense passion for the style was born and Vipul switched his goal to becoming a house music DJ upon exiting college. Unfortunately, his traditional Indian family did not understand this new aspiration and were quite resistant. With Vipul in tow, his parents consulted an Indian astrologer for guidance. Much to the astonishment of Vipul and his family the astrologer advised Vipul to pursue his DJ passion and predicted that it would lead him to much success. Thus the family gave their blessing and Vipul's new career in house music was launched.

Vipul was heavily influenced by DJs and artists such as Darin Epsilon , Audiofly , Lutzenkirchen ,Chris Micali, and Tim Davison. Though Vipul's sets are open to many different styles and genres he has found himself working mostly in a very funky, tech-house sound that also draws on jackin' and minimal elements. His prowess behind the decks quickly earned Vipul a residency at one of the major clubs in Delhi where he was able to play across the entire range of house music. At this residency Vipul found himself booked with more well-known DJs like Tim Davison, Norman Doray , Inland Knights and Hamza. It was this acquaintance with Hamza, the founder of India's premier house music label Wind Horse Records, that proved most consequential.

Like many enthusiastic DJs, Vipul had recently turned to producing his own tracks. Befriending Hamza not only opened Vipul to different sounds and styles in DJ'ing, but Hamza's critique and encouragement greatly influenced the growth of Vipul's studio output. Soon Vipul was creating tracks that impressed Hamza enough to welcome the young producer to the Wind Horse family.

Now Vipul plays an essential part in Wind Horse Records, helping Hamza keep an eye out for new talent in India and elsewhere, assisting with label management and A&R, and significantly assisting the development of the label.



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Born in the ancient town of Patli Putra the land of Lord Buddha, Vinayak Karthikayan’s ("Aka’’ Vinayak^A Producer/Dj (India)) musical journey began at a young age, learning the Tabla, Guitar and Harmonium. Raised in an entirely Indian classical atmosphere gave him a rooted knowledge of rhythm and melody. As years passed, and technology paved the way for electronic music, Vinayak^A decided to study Dj’ing in Bangalore. He then moved to Mumbai to pursue his dream and became an assistant DJ at a Pub where he worked for one and half years. He later got a job at The LeeLa Palace in Bangalore for 6 months. While he worked long hours, he felt the need for more knowledge in sound, and decided to move to Chennai to pursue his audio engineering at (SAE) After he completed the course he was pretty unsure of which direction he wanted to go. He felt that DJ’ing wouldn’t do well for him, as there were already a large number of Djs playing popular music.

A few years passed by, and Vinayak^A keenly observed and absorbed as much of his environment as he could. And he learnt one important thing. He says, “It was all about earning respect and being the best in what you do. With this as his motto, Vinayak^A was determined to harness all his skill and study. And make it. He bought some equipment and locked himself in his studio for 6 Years. His aim was to experiment with various waves in music and sounds from day and night life atmospheres. He recorded all his sounds and designed them to fit in as a story. He tried to record as many abstract elements as possible to create his grooves and fillers. His love for Progressive House music became more interesting and complex he was and still is at ease experimenting on a daily basis. He eventually completed a track but somehow it didn’t sound real enough for his liking. He felt the need for a tighter production and a stronger emotional connection, which was lacking. So he then started to create a new vibe with abstract melodies, heavy strings, deep bass lines and funky tight grooves with a pinch of experimental atmospheric sounds. In November 2008 he produced a track called "What’s Stopping You" which was signed onto "BAROQUE RECORDS UK".

It was released on January 2009 and was a major release for Vinayak^A as he got massive support from the greats like "Eric Prydz, Daniel Portman, Solarity", etc,. “What’s Stopping You” was in the top 100 for 3 weeks on the Beat Port Progressive House Chart's. After this release he had finally come into a style of his own and knew exactly what he wanted to produce and look forward to. He released a few more original EPs and did some remixes for artist like Joel Armstrong, Larry powers, Evren Ulusoy and Solarity. His mix for Solarity was supported by Tiesto, Above and Beyond, Gareth Emery, Andy Moor etc. His recent mixes have received support from John Digweed, Robert Babicz, Andy Newland, Herman Cattaneo, Rafael Noronha, Oliver Klein, Cid Inc etc. 2009 was a special year as Vinayak^A got the honor and opportunity to do a track for "Kamal Hassan’s" Tamil Movie "ONAI POL ORRUVAN" alongside his daughter, Shruti Hassan. It gave him a further sense of confidence and helped him move forward. Lately Vinayak^A has been working on his new album and several remix projects. And in typical Vinayak^A fashion, he says “I have no idea what 2010 and the following years have in store for me. My experiments & journey continues… My music should say & "do it all....” .......



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Genre: Minimalist / Progressive / Techno
Location New Delhi, In
Profile Views: 4672
Last Login: 21/06/2011
Member Since 16/09/2006
Website www.soundcloud.com/kartik-thakur
Record Label Wind Horse Records
Type of Label Indie


From The Electronic Music Sence in New Delhi, Kartik Was Destined To Do Music In His Life And He Started His Musical Journey At The Early Age Of 15 Learning Keyboard From Mr. Satish Khurana, A Well Known Piano Player Of New Delhi. Coming From A Musical Background Since His Father Is An Accomplished Tabla/Pakhawaj Player, A Disciple Of "Ustad Sheikh Dawood Of Hyderabad". Soon He Started Composing His Own Instrumental Melodies And Rhythm Patterns At Home On His Computer. Kartik Started Out As A Bedroom Producer And Eventually Became A Bedroom DJ. In 2009 Kartik Got His First Residency At F-Bar & Lounge (@ The Ashok, New Delhi). Since Then There Was No Looking Back.


Kartik Thakur


Sounds Like



Amit Shoham

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Amit Shoham


I've been making music for as long as I can remember. I took organ lessons when I was six. I wanted to play guitar and my parents wanted me to play piano. They said "you're going to take piano lessons, and when you're old enough we'll get you a synthesizer. It'll sound just like a guitar." I could tell that this wasn't quite what I had bargained for, but at the age of six I didn't know how to formulate a counter argument. We settled on the electric organ, which was as close to a synthesizer as I was going to get in Haifa, Israel in 1976.

Somewhere along the way I picked up guitar, bass, and percussion. I played in a few bands (progressive rock, jazz, reggae, funk), did a bit of studio work and some live sound work. I'm an electrical engineer (yes, a geek!) by training so I had dabbled in all sorts of music-related technology, from designing studio components to computer-based composition and synthesis (which was still cutting-edge when I played around with this stuff in the late '80s).

For a very long time I hated dance music. That's because I didn't bother to seek out the good stuff until I was introduced to the San Francisco rave scene in 1993. Oh, the good old days! All the geeks and the freaks seemed to be going to the raves. It was a good time for exploration, both musical and otherwise. So I decided I'd try making this thing called house music. I was introduced to DJ Blackstone in 1995 by a mutual friend (Jackie-O of the Big Love Show on KZSU) and we started working on music together, and eventually started our label, Tarantic Records. (You can find most of Tarantic's catalog on Beatport, and select releases are also available on iTunes, among many other digital download sites.)

I've been refining my production skills ever since, and started DJing along the way. I'd like to think that I'd hold the title of "world's quietest DJ," if there were such a thing. Those who know me will get what I mean...

Music flows in my veins, so when my nose bleeds grooves emanate forth into the cosmos, and when I cut myself a song is born. Ouch! ...here comes another one.

Check out some of my DJ mixes:
Proton Mix Feb. 2008

Free track download: Beautiful
This is my remix of Yello's "Oh Yeah," originally released on vinyl and now remastered for CD.

Free track download: White Lines remix
This is my remix of the Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel classic "White Lines," remastered for CD. Download the 320kbps MP3 file FREE! ..

Member Since:

February 07, 2006


Jay-J, Miguel Migs, H-Foundation, Garth, Jeno, DJ Blackstone, DJ Adnan, Dubtribe, Doc Martin, Theloneous Monk, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Van Halen, Yes, Rush, Phish, The Pretenders, Les Nubians, Talvin Singh, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Talking Heads, Prince, Genesis, Yello, Yothu Yindi, U2, Burning Spear, James Brown, Brand New Heavies, St. Germain, Sting, Paul Simon, The Beatles, Tiga, Rick Preston, Joey Negro, Masters at Work, Dirty Vegas, Dennis Ferrer, Fred Everything ...to name a few...

Sounds Like:




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Presslaboys are Luigi Gori & Omar J Neri. They live in Arezzo, here because they have a study immersed in green and quietness, essential requirement to compose music; even if geographically they are far away from the large musical business centres. In1996 instead, while they were in his basement during a storm, the study got flooded and they looked like homeless people holding all them instruments. Here born Presslab Records & two Years later Presslaboys Team, after various names used before.

Their sounds followed a path determined by the blending of their different experiences as DJs: Luigi with electro 80', Acid House hints, old school beats, progressive & first house music, Omar, instead, more techno Detroit, First German Minimal Techno and 90’ Progressive Sound, in the past they were strongly attracted by the Eighties dark sound, in all its expressions: Cure, Depeche mode, Bauhaus, 4AD Artists, Kraftwerk, Einesturzende de Nuebaten, a real passion for committed music. All of this of course within those musical expressions that characterised all last decade trail: dance, dub, trip hop and electronics in general. In addition to their passion for music they care also of anything around it; they like minimal design, Bauhaus style, and any graphic art that looks forward. Other things that influenced them came from life events they have experienced and the need to express them and express theirselves at the same time. On 2007 After important releases in famous Labels as Crosstownrebels, SAW Recordings Baroque Records, Viva Music, Harthouse, Yellow Tail, Armada Music and remixes as important Artists they decide to compose their first Album, bring the same name of their most representative productions and sum their concept of music style “Electric Generation”. “The Presslaboys Style” recognized by the most illustrious Djs of the world, is ever composed with a electronic component, also when the electro not was so famous, infact many old releases are actually today and good for the actual music market. Never too much minimal always consistent in their roots, Presslaboys bring from this period important signals and sounds, and try to mix with more varieties of vocal expressions and style. After 2008, 2 years of hiatus, due to the organization of Big events, Presslaboys are back with a series of new productions which will not go undetected. On April 2001 come out an interesting remix on 19 Box Recordings of our Friend Hiro, big talent of Japanese scene, Connected to Eight Tracks and on June 2011 will release a new version of Innocent in two Version with a Magnificent voice of Lisa Shaw, Jeff Bennett’s remix of Reconz on Regular, Remix on Wind Horse Records, Indian new House-Deep House Label.

Other great Works coming out from Presslab Studio Soon.


Gianluca Peruzzi

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Gianluca Peruzzi


Gianluca Peruzzi, was born in Arezzo in 1989. From an early age developed a great interest in house music and the desire to know the origins inspired by the best American dj ... The passion for music and djing for him to have the His first production. first time of 2009 apart from his collaboration with PRESSLABOYS (veterans of electronic music), creating his music at the Presslab Records Studio. it is in its "Arezzo" Gianluca together with other DJ form the SOCIAL-KIDS group-... a name that today is bringing in many young people want to listen to good music, ranging from electronics to house quality.

Gianluca Peruzzi nasce ad Arezzo nel 1989 .Sin dalla giovane età sviluppa un notevole interesse per l'HOUSE MUSIC e la voglia di conoscerne le origini ispirato dai migliori dj americani...la passione per la musica e per il djing lo porta ad avere le sue prime produzioni.Inizio 2009 parte la sua collaborazione con i PRESSLABOYS(veterani della musica elettronica) creando la sua musica presso il Presslab Records Studio. è proprio nella sua "arezzo"che Gianluca insieme ad altri dj forma il gruppo SOCIAL-KIDS...un nome che ad oggi sta portando la voglia in tanti giovani di ascoltare della buona musica,spaziando dall'elettronica all'house di qualità.




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